October Home Tour 2017

 I am so thrilled to have teamed up with some talented bloggers to share with you our homes adorned for October.  Whether it be some beautiful fall touches, or something fun for Halloween, we hope you’ll find some inspiration to welcome the fall season into your own homes!  I will link to my fellow bloggers at the end of this post…  with that, welcome to my home!


I made this Anne of Green Gables quote sign this year, and really wanted it to be the focus and first thing people saw when entering my home.  A simple pumpkin display was the perfect touch.  All pumpkins minus the far left white pumpkin were found at Michaels this year.57

I also made some simple pumpkin pillows.  I love a quick and free DIY!  You can find my tutorial for these pillows HERE.6

My most recent project was this large 5 1/2 foot long shelf.  I sketched up the look I was wanting, and the Mr. brought it to life for me.  I am so thrilled with how it turned out!  The moment it was hung, the Halloween decorations came out.  haha!46


9 Many more DIY projects, from years past have made home on this shelf… trick or treaters were cut from my Silhouette machine.  The raven wreath was a DIY from a while back also.  The white framed pumpkin was a kit from Details 2 Enjoy from this year.  And the “31” was purchased from a local seasonal boutique.


53The “Hocus Pocus” sign was an on a whim craft, wanting to hang something from the hooks on my new shelf.  LOL.  It’s a rather sloppy sign, but I figured it was just adding to the Halloween ambiance.


10 Chalkboards have had my heart for some time now.  The Mr. made both of mine for me.  I love changing them out for each new season/birthdays.  He is just so good at bringing my ideas to life!  I only changed this one above though, to go along with the Halloween theme.  Sometimes I crave a little simplicity. Other times, I want to throw in everything and the kitchen sink.  LOL.  This time I went simple.

I definitely had fun painting quite a few of my little pumpkins!  Both shown in the glass cloche above, and stacked in my lantern below.  My tutorial for these heirloom painted pumpkins can be found HERE.  And my lantern was created by the lovely Natalie from Crafts2You Parties.  Crafts 2 You is a local business creating unfinished crafts and signs for you to finish how you like.  If you are in Northern Utah and would like to know more, please send me a comment, or message over on my Instagram page: @sweetroseandwren




My talented SIL Cat from CatherinasCreativeCorner (who is also a part of this tour) made the chalk pumpkins for me last year!  I love them so much, and was so giddy to pull them out of storage.52


45Paper bats flying up the wall are my kid’s favorite touch.  They helped me hang them up too.




Is Halloween decor ever complete without a witch’s apothecary display?  I think not.  😉

I “borrowed” the printing trays that were intended to go in my son’s room.  I don’t think he’ll mind (he’s 5) and It’s been months, and I still haven’t gotten around to hanging them up yet.  LOL.  So to my corner shelf they went.50

My sofa table is easily one of my favorite spots.  One cannot have too many pumpkins, right? (More pumpkins from Michaels, and a few of the white ones are from AntiqueFarmhouse  Both the crate and Pumpkin Patch sign were purchased from Rod Works.  But you can find that same sign from DevanieAtHome12


And now we finally enter my kitchen/dinning The heart of the home…1

I made some Halloween party fans to add another pop of black and orange.   The darling ghosts are from DevanieAtHome  Her shop has SO many wonderful things for every season!18

15 And then there are these finger plates.  Can I just talk about these for a quick second?  They make me smile every time I look at them.  They are from White and Fig.16



A table centerpiece that is easily removed for dinnertime is just what this family needed.  My favorite tray filled with DIY fabric pumpkins! (tutorial hopefully coming soon!)  Done and done.22



As I mentioned earlier, I only got around to changing one of my chalkboards.  This one still has our family’s 2017-18 motto on it from our Back to School Feast.  But a simple Halloween banner has it ready for the upcoming spooky shindigs.  🙂2

And that concludes my October Home Tour!  I’m so happy you dropped by.  If there is anything I didn’t leave a source to, it is probably because it is an old find, or an old craft.  Feel free to ask me any questions though!  And enjoy these other lovely homes…




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  1. I love your home! I’ve been following you on IG and finally got around to looking at your blog. Love everything you do!

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