Merry & Bright Blog Hop {Living Room}

Welcome to week two of our Merry and Bright Blog Hop!  This week we are focusing on our Living Rooms…

I think it may be safe to say that the Christmas tree is what takes center stage in most people’s Christmas homes.  So I’m going to start there:


I had first fallen in love with flocked trees years ago, when I first saw the lovely Kristen’s from EllaClaireInspired.  But seeing how our tree at the time was still in great condition, I couldn’t get myself to buy a new tree, until just last year when my husband gifted me this flocked beauty, knowing how much I had wanted one.  Yes, he’s a keeper.4t

This year presented a challenge though… aka “The Tornado.”   I have a VERY busy toddler.  And I didn’t really want him breaking any of my ornaments, or getting that fake snow everywhere.  And so, I created a “barrier” of empty boxes wrapped as gifts, a large crate, and my large red sled.  I normally like it much more simple underneath the tree until Christmas morning, but this was a have-to design.  Yes, he grabs all the gifts and packs them around (hasn’t tried to open any yet, knock on wood) and he always empties out the sled so he can climb in it.  But that’s what I expected, and it’s all a great distraction from what I really want to keep the Tornado away from: the tree.  Win win over here!  🙂

For just one of the boxes, I hand drew some snowflakes all over the brown paper.  But that honestly took longer than I had time for, so the rest remained plain ol brown.  But, you know what?  Brown paper packages tied up with string, just happen to be one of my favorite things.  😉6t

This is a photo of my oldest and her first time meeting Santa.  That look lasted about a half a second, just long enough for me to snap the picture before she burst into tears.  LOL.7t

I recently made the “better not pout” sign at a craft party from Craft 2 You Parties.  I thought it was the perfect addition to this menagerie under the tree.  😉 2t

And now lets move over to my personal favorite in the living room… the shelf my husband built me this recent October…


My husband has built a LOT of things both big and small for me over the years, and this is his most recent.  I cannot get over how much I love it.  We make the perfect team… I sketch up some ideas I have in my head, and he brings these ideas to life!8s

A small juniper berry garland, and some strung up mercury glass hangs on just one side of these pretty ceramic hooks…13s

While the other side holds a tiny wreath with single ornament, and some cutesy pom-pom stockings.



The smaller stocking was found this year at a local seasonal boutique.  And the larger one was a non-avoided temptation from Anthropologie.  Although, I am happy to say I bought it on sale.  I refuse to buy anything full price from there.  LOL.4s

The reindeer name sign was purchased from Rod Works, but is a design from Devanie @devanieathome  I absolutely HAD to have it, as I knew my old plush reindeer would just be the perfect accessory for it.  The Santa and Reindeer were purchased in the same year… during mine and my husband’s second Christmas as a married couple.  I love them both so much!2s

An old window pane, small pine trees, and lantern finished it all nicely, I think.  😉3s

Just to the right of my shelf, is this simple little corner, with my long chalkboard (also made by the Mr.)


This reindeer pillow (I think I have a thing for reindeer) I made quite a few years ago.  The pattern is from Twin Stitchers.  I wish I had for more time for embroidery these days.  I truly love it!3c


I kept my tiered tray very simple this year… Just some more juniper berry stems, mercury glass ornaments, and the sweetest little winter bird I ever did see, purchased from Rod Works.

Turning back around to the mantle, I TRIED to keep it simple with all the other busy going on.  But, I just don’t know how to do simple.  Hahaha!1r

My husband (again) helped make me this large “twas the Night Before Christmas” sign.  A few books and more mercury glass, and I called it done.1m

Found the mercury glass candlesticks on sale at Pottery Barn.  To say I am obsessed with them is probably an understatement.  4m

And wrapping around my floating sofa, you’ll find my sofa table from World Market…5st

I may have a problem with too many signs… but I love them too much to care.  🙂1st


Some gingerbread houses from Hobby Lobby sure look like they were meant for these wooden trays!  The short and stout one was handcrafted by my sweet from Amy @maisondemings and the taller one with the glass cloche is from Pier 1 Imports.2st

Some homemade snowglobes from last year also couldn’t be left in my boxes of Christmas treasures!6st



And last but not least, is my lovingly called “Christ Corner.”  It’s actually the first thing I put up every year (my Nativity and baby Jesus painting by Jennedy Paige)  It’s just become tradition to put it out first, and set the tone for the whole reason for the season.2cc

This Willow Tree Nativity is an absolute favorite of mine.



This “Christ Corner is also in the very heart of our home.  It’s in the center of everything, and we can see it from pretty much anywhere in our main living space.




And that is about everything I could possible stuff into one room.  LOL.  The best part is though, all the goodness doesn’t stop here!  Hop on over to my talented buddies’ blogs and check out their lovely Christmas living rooms!

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  1. Cherie! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I am head over heels for your Christmas living room! I love all the new little touches you had added plus all the old treasures you have Collected through the years. Love it…so very much. It’s makes for the perfect cozy Christmas 😘😍

  2. Absolutely, breathtakingly, beautiful!! Christmas perfection, Cherie! You captured all of the wonderful elements of this lovely season fabulously!

  3. Cherie, love it all! I really live signs too and we can never have too many! The Pottery Barn candlesticks were a good purchase my friend! You and Blake are very talented! You have such great vision! That’s so funny about baby B and the sled.😂 I love your Christmas living room!❤❤❤ Happy Holidays!

  4. Cherie, love it all! I really love signs too and we can never have too many! The Pottery Barn candlesticks were a good purchase my friend! You and Blake are very talented! You have such great vision! That’s so funny about baby B and the sled.😂 I love your Christmas living room!❤❤❤ Happy Holidays!

  5. Um, so I think we should house swap for Christmas. I get your stuff next year and you get mine!😉 It is absolutely beautifully amazing!!❤️

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous Cherie!! I love your tree and the way you have styled beneath it. Everything looks so beautiful! sharon @houseonheatherfield

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