ORC Little Girl’s Room Week One…


Well, here I am!  I still can’t believe I’m doing this… I signed up to be a guest participant for the One Room Challenge.  What is the ORC you ask?  Don’t worry, it’s new to me too!  Every April and October, the ORC hosts this event for twenty featured and guest design bloggers to take the challenge to transform a space in 6 weeks time.  Every week, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts.  While I am looking forward to receiving inspiration and more design knowledge from these amazing designers, the real reason I signed up was to set a goal for myself to get this room DONE!

I will be working on transforming my daughter’s bedroom.  I’m notorious for starting 30 projects at a time, and jumping around from one to the next, taking FOREVER to finish even one task.  I hope participating in the ORC will help motivate me to focus on this one room and get it completed in a timely manner.  The motivation to get back to blogging is another plus!!  yay!   haha!

These photos aren’t pretty, though I think the old bedroom was sweet and pretty back when my girls shared a room.  But as you can see, things were TIGHT.  Our bedrooms are very much on the tiny side, and cramming two girls in there was a challenge to say the least.  They now each have their own rooms, but I have never truly given them their own beautiful space.  With the fourth baby arriving, things were just thrown together, making sure that everyone at least had their own bed to sleep in at night.  LOL.  That was the extent of my decorating.  It’s time to revamp their bedrooms, and give them a space that they love.  Of course, I can’t do it all at once, so I’m starting here, at bedroom number 1- my youngest daughter’s bedroom:


And yes, these pictures are SO old!  haha!  They have my old blog name on them.  Don’t worry, I didn’t steal these photos… my old blog was Cherie Amour.  I’ve since changed and grew to Sweet Rose and Wren.  ;)girlroom1


Now for the new design plan…


This wallpaper is the entire inspiration for the whole room!  (wallpaper and photo found from Dreamy Wall on Easy) This tiny space needed at least one wall with some good impact, and this wallpaper has done the trick!  (Yes, I already have it installed)  I’m considering that a good head start for this process, as that was the hardest design element, in both choosing my wallpaper from the THOUSANDS of options out there, AND the installation.  I will be sharing that process with you in my next post.


I was also SO inspired by these little Maileg Mice! (Photo from Minty House Photo)  I know that may not seem like much, but after purchasing some for my daughter for her birthday, I knew they needed to be an actual design element in her room.  I love the vintage appeal they have!  I love the idea of  “collected treasures” in a child’s space.  And these fit the bill perfectly.  I’ve been gaining lots of inspiration from their vintagey and adorable charm.  (yes, vintagey is a word)  haha!

house shelf

Those little mice needed a “home” to be displayed in.  These house shelves are just the thing!!  I didn’t get these exact ones, but I did find a large house shelf to display them in.  I can’t wait to put all these little details together.  My daughter will also be needing a new big girl bed (without a footboard, because of the size of her room) and a small piece of furniture to house all her books and other knick-knacks.

I hope you’ll follow along each week to see my progress.  I know I’m not one of the big league designers, but that doesn’t diminish my love for the art.  It’s something I LOVE to do, and share, and be inspired by others along the way.  And so I shall.  🙂  Thanks for stopping by!  You can subscribe to my blog, if you don’t want to miss out on any posts.  😉

Ta-ta for now!


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