ORC Week 2… Wallpaper Installation


It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and I’m feeling pretty good about the headway I’ve made!  yay!

(All sources are listed at the end of this post)

It’s a really good feeling when the most challenging part of transforming a space is completed!  But I didn’t hang this wallpaper alone.  I first asked my sister to come help me, and she somehow convinced my mom AND my aunt to join us too!  haha!  And I was beyond grateful to have my aunt joining us on this little adventure.  She’s the DIY MASTER!  She’s hung plenty of wallpaper, and painted many walls in her day, and her knowledge was very welcomed.  She especially saved us at the very end when I had realized (an entire wall too late) that I made one tiny but major mistake…

This wallpaper is a floral mural, so no piece is the same from the next.  The instructions stated very clearly to lay out the ENTIRE mural before hanging.  Well, I laid out every piece EXCEPT the last one… just assuming it went at the end.  Wow, that’s not an easy mistake to recover from when the last piece you’re hanging was supposed to go FIRST!  (insert face palm here)  I freaked out for a moment, and was beating myself up because it was ALL my fault, and it was such a silly mistake!  Aunt Cherie to the rescue: (yes, I was named after her)  😉  She suggested I put that first-last piece up, and then cut out flowers from our remnants to paste on top of the seam to blend it out.  GENIUS!!  And after all was said and done, it turned out to be a happy accident.  Our pasted-together mural looks even better than what is was originally supposed to be!  (In my humble opinion)  I dare you to try to find where it is pieced to together at.  haha!  Ok, maybe don’t look too close, but I am SO thrilled with how this turned out, and even more happy that it’s done and out of the way.  Now I can focus on the little details to help bring this tiny space all together.

Oh, and that’s another amazing thing about this wallpaper:  As I’ve mentioned before, this space is small.  This wallpaper mural really helped in making this cramped space appear bigger than what it is.

Not the most flattering photos, but no one has time to care about their appearance when there is work to be done. haha!

I purchased this wallpaper from Dreamy Wall on Etsy.  I searched for months and months before finally settling on this one.  It’s a great quality wallpaper, but it is not the peel and stick that is all the rage right now.  Just your old fashioned add-glue wallpaper.  I’ve used the peel and stick once in the past, and in both mine, and my sister’s opinions, this was WAY easier than the peel and stick!!  Don’t ask me how, because it sounds backwards, but it’s true.

I purchased my glue from Home Depot.  And we applied the glue directly on the paper with a roller and brush, making sure to get every square inch and edges really well.  We first attempted to roll the wall with glue.  Take my advice, put the glue on the paper instead.

My Aunt and I ended up doing most of the work… haha! Just kidding. My mom was there to tell us where we needed more glue, and my sister helped us smooth things out, and take pictures for me. I seriously can’t thank them all enough!!

Everything else is pretty self explanatory… Just follow the directions your wallpaper comes with… I promise whatever wallpaper company you decide to go with isn’t fishing you lies on how to hang it up.  LOL.  (Like we found out when trying to do things “our way” by applying glue onto the wall, instead of the paper, and when I didn’t lay out every last piece first.  haha!


Blending in that “oops”! I love this picture of my mom and her sister. So sweet! This is going to be me and my sisters when we’re older… forever friends.


And the final result!  Goodness, have I mentioned how much I LOVE how it came out?!  I have to stop and admire it every time I pass this bedroom.  Even when her room is a mess (which is everyday)  It just makes my heart so happy!!



Wallpaper- Dreamy Wall on Etsy

Dresser- Local classifieds find and repainted 4 years ago.

Dresser knobs- Hobby Lobby

Baby Doll Cradle- The Mr. made that for my daughter’s Christmas present one year.  Plans found at Ana White


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  1. Oh my this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! If I was a little girl, I’d love this room. That wallpaper is perfection. Last ORC I cut out all of the little pieces to cover my seams too. A little OCD over here 🙂 I’m so excited to watch your progress and know it will be the cutest room ever!

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