ORC Week 3: Cabinet Storage


Week 3 of the One Room Challenge is here!  Which means we’re already halfway done!  What?!?  I know this may not seem like much has been accomplished by week 3, but finding this small cabinet from Pier 1 Imports was actually quite the accomplishment for me!


I sound like a broken record when I mention this bedroom is on the tiny side, but it’s true.  And trust me, trying to keep things simple, while looking designed, put together AND functional is a real struggle for me.  This cabinet fit the bill in more ways than one:

Extra storage, check.  Matches my already painted dresser, check (see my dresser in this post HERE)  Not too big, but big enough, check.  Adds to the colorful/vintage vibe.  check and check!!


These photos were already hanging here in the room, I saw no point in changing them, they fit over the cabinet perfectly.


Even the top of the dresser acts as some extra storage, and another place to decorate.  haha!  It houses my daughter’s hair bows in some DIY jars, and my absolute FAVORITE hand painted globe created by the lovely and talented Jamieson from Hello Sunshine Shoppe.  (Find her on Etsy under HelloShoppe)


These jars were so simple.  For the Gold Bird jar, I just glued a plastic toy bird to the top of a mason jar lid and spray painted it gold.  The pink like I also spray painted, and then added some flowers with acrylic paint.  I haven’t had any problems with the paint chipping off.  I found the smallest heart jar years ago, and added some pretty vintage ribbon.



At the moment this cabinet is storage for some simple treasures: books, photos, piggy bank and toys.  😉  But I’m hoping to find a couple of baskets to fit inside for things like socks, and whatever else she may collect through the years.


Thank you for stopping by to see my progress!  I’m so excited for the next phase!  I just hope it fits in here!!  LOL.

6 thoughts on “ORC Week 3: Cabinet Storage

    1. Thank you! It actually came like that! It’s a pretty close match the the dresser I painted. Yay for happy surprises like that! 🙂

  1. Cherie this is so pretty! I love all the delicate & beautiful details! Sorry if you already said this, but did you paint the globe? Sharon from IG (@houseonheatherfield).

    1. I actually didn’t paint the globe… it was painted by my friend Jamieson for Hello Sunshine Shoppe! It’s one of my favorite things ever! Thanks, Sharon!

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