ORC Final Reveal!


We made it!!  The final week of the One Room Challenge is here!!  I cannot believe how FAST these past 6 weeks have flown.  And now I get to show you just how far this tiny bedroom has come… we’ve now lived in our forever home for almost 9 years, and I think to fully appreciate how this room looks today, I need to take you back to the very beginning… (warning: it isn’t pretty)

The before, before, before!  Yes, this tiny space has received it’s 3rd make-over since moving in!  That feels like a lot of changes, but when you think about it, our own little family experienced a lot of changes also… When we first moved in we had one child who was two.  We’ve since given her 3 siblings!  And this room has now been “home” to 3 of those 4 kids, including a shared bedroom to the two girls while we were working hard at finishing the basement to gain more space for all these little guys that kept joining us!  LOL!  But before we were able to complete our family, this room was nothing more than a junk room.  Literally.  It housed photography props, seasonal home decor… it was also our office space and a place for my nephew to take a nap (who I used to babysit when he was just a baby)  Who knew I’d actually miss those days!  haha!

messy room
The Before, before, before! (aka, a junk room)

The day finally came when we had to turn this catch-all room into an actual baby nursery!  Sooo much love went into this space!  We hadn’t had a baby in the house for 5 years!


The “second” before… my son’s baby nursery.

And out of nowhere, number 3 decided to join us!  We had to shuffle the kids around a bit to make room for her, and the newest member of our family had to share a space with our oldest… I could not STAND them sharing a room!  The room is sooo tiny as it is, and trying to fit two kids in there was an absolute joke.  I painted the entire room a creamy white in hopes to brighten it up and make it feel larger.  It did help some, but I really started hounding my husband to get the basement finished…  (I had to dig deep on my old blog for these photos, hence, the old “Cherie Amour Blog watermark)


The “final” before! My girl’s shared room.

Which brings us to NOW!  My youngest daughter’s big girl room!14

The very last “final touch” was this darling little rug from Target.  Yes, this room needed it.  LOL.  And now, thanks to that rug, I don’t feel the need to add even one more thing.  haha!  (Like I could really squeeze anything else in anyway)  😉







The biggest change to this room is obviously the wallpaper.  And I LOVE how it turned out!!  But I have to say, my favorite part of the room is the new gallery wall.  My husband built me those two floating shelves (above “before” photos) 6 years ago when the room first became a nursery… I was feeling the itch to change it up a little bit.  You can see ALL the details of this gallery wall on my previous post.  🙂



And that’s all she wrote, folks!  Thanks again,  to everyone who followed along this little journey of mine.  There were a lot of firsts I overcame along the way, including my first participation in the One Room Challenge!  I still feel like I have a long way to go in this whole decor/blogging world… but when I compare even the before photos you see on this very post, to my most recent ones, I think I’ve personally grown more than I give myself credit for these past years.   And that’s the only person you should compare yourself to… Who you are now, compared to who were in the past.   Thanks again good buddies!  I planned to have an entire source list for you all; but not surprisingly, this mama be tired. I may get around to editing this to add the source list, but until then, please refer to all my previous ORC posts for detailed source lists.

10 thoughts on “ORC Final Reveal!

  1. Seriously you are AMAZING!!!! This room is really what little girl dreams are made of. Whimsical, wishful, carefree, happy… so many emotions seeing this beautiful room!!❤️

  2. Such a beautiful space for a young lady to grow up in. I love the mint/pink color combo and that wallpaper is just gorgeous!

  3. Where is this wallpaper from? Is it peel is stick? It’s so cute!!! I am looking for something for baby #4’s room!

    1. It is regular wallpaper the you have to add the glue to. Unfortunately though, the shop I purchased it from on Etsy is no longer in business. Such a bummer!! Thanks for stopping by though!

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