Halloween Home Tour: Wizard Magic in a Muggle World

I have loved Halloween since as long as I can remember… my first memory I can recall was when I was probably four years old, and my mother was draping “spider webs” over our railing in the entry; I would walk past them and pretend to be so spooked by the sight, screaming and running to hide under the large roll-top desk.   That silly game brought me so much joy!  Decorating for Halloween still holds some magic for me to this day, though I’ve never been into anything gory or too scary.  It’s just as fun for me to see the excitement on my kids faces as we pull out the Halloween boxes, or whenever we do a DIY together for the holiday, or even planning out their costumes.  Just some spooky, magical fun!

Being a loyal Harry Potter fan since the age of  12, it has been a dream of mine to create a little “Wizarding World” corner in my home.  I started collecting things here and there as they became available to me over the years… but finding this AMAZING life-like cauldron last year during an after Halloween sale at Rod Works is what REALLY set this vision of mine into motion!  My dream was to have it appear that I actually went picking down Diagon Alley… to say I’m giddy with the end result might be an understatement.  haha!




I made every sign you see here, using signs I found on the cheap from Hobby Lobby, just giving them a paint makeover.  An old witch hat found years ago made for a good make-shift Sorting Hat.  Many of the bottles I had already collected over the years, but any that I had purchased this year were for a dollar or less at Hobby Lobby.  I simply printed out some labels I found on Etsy onto sticker paper and slapped em’ onto the bottles.   The wand boxes were also a printable found on Etsy!  So easy to assemble, and I love the way they look!  They were a must to accompany my Ollivander’s sign.

I don’t have all the bottles filled yet, but it’s been fun to get my creative juices flowing, finding things around the house that would work… including just plain old food coloring in water.  But, shhhh; to my kids they are actual potions.  😉




Rolled up book pages made for some fun looking spell scrolls.26





This Harry Potter collection is still a work in progress… I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect brooms for the last couple of years with no luck yet.  But since my cauldron find, I am willing to wait for just the right ones to come my way.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of my true nerdy self, let me introduce to you my other side: My take on traditional Halloween:  If you’ve ever been on the fence about Halloween decorating, perhaps this neutral approach will appeal more to you!


More vintage finds and collected items adorn the rest of my home.  I have fallen in love with this mustard yellow color, and found myself adding it everywhere. 44

Fabric pumpkins just make this girl so happy!  I’ve made some of my own over the years, but sometimes I stumble across some that call my name, and beg to come home with me; like these pretties here from Details 2 Enjoy (medium and tiny cream pumpkins) and Flax and Willow (ticking stripe and brown velvet pumpkins)


This “31” is what started my mustard yellow obsession last year!  I found it at a local seasonal boutique, and added the twine and yellow floral to the 1.


It’s always the tiny details that one could never spot unless up close, or in person that make my heart pitter patter… like the tiny Halloween worded paper used on the #1.





My Halloween decor is FULL of DIY projects!  Like these pumpkin pillows (pictured above) Tutorial found on my old blog HERE.  Or my painted signs, like this one that sits over my mantle…



These ravens might just be my most favorite thing ever, next to my cauldron!  Found them on sale at Pottery Barn, though they were still a splurge.  They are made of heavy ceramic, and metal.   I was pleasantly surprised by their size and weight when I received them in the mail!  My sister bought some also, and we quickly started calling them “the-overpriced-birds-that-were-worth-it.”  hahaha!  One can’t help what she loves.

That concludes this Halloween tour!  I hope you found some inspiration here, but if not, don’t fret!  There are SO many talented bloggers joining me on this home tour; if  Diagon Alley isn’t your thing, you’re sure to find something right up YOUR alley as you visit my other blogger friends! HAHAHAHA!  I totally laugh at my own jokes.  Happy Halloween decorating, my friends!

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32 thoughts on “Halloween Home Tour: Wizard Magic in a Muggle World

  1. I love the harry potter vignette! So clever to use the chalkboard and cauldron that way!

    PS: The links and the rest of the images to the other home tours aren’t showing up.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Every detail is simply perfect. You have an eye to make everything beautiful! Even potions!!! You are SO talented!!!!❤️

  3. Cherie!!!!!
    I can’t even! I need to bring Mel over to see this in person😍. He’s gonna be Harry Potter and I need to take his picture by this…for reals.
    Love you and all of this! Ever sin e Mels birthday ive had wizards on the brain.. It’s giving me ideas for my next Christmas project …a Harry Potter Christmas Tree for my kids playroom….eeeeek!
    This is just perfection!!!

  4. Cherie!! I don’t even know where to start! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything and your cauldron is amazing! Everything is so magical! xoxo -Norma

  5. Oh, my goodness, I love your Wizarding World corner. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans and took our kids to the studio tour in London. You need to go if you are in London. It was amazing as they had all the sets, props and costume and it was in the actual studio it was filmed. We were there for hours. I LOVE everything you did here. So great!

  6. That cauldron is something else! Huge Harry Potter nerd as well but we are decorating with a witch theme and that cauldron would be perfect at my house this year. Everything looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I might have to alternate my Harry Potter theme with a witches theme over the years, as it would also go amazing with my Salem Broom Co sign I made! Who knew I could love something as much as a cauldron? haha!

  7. I just found your blog yesterday, and I am so glad I did! I LOVE this Harry Potter display! That cauldron is awesome! I even went to Rod Works yesterday to see if they still have the cauldron but sadly they do not. Can you tell me if yours made of metal? Does it have a sticker on it that tells who makes it? Your bottles are sooooo so creative and realistic! I absolutely love them too! Thanks so much for sharing! <3

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I’m so glad you like the Harry Potter display. <3 The cauldron is made of metal. The most realistic one I've found. I wish I had a source of the actual manufacturer! I hope to reach out to the store I purchased it from and see if I can't find out who makes it, or even hope they will bring them back into their store. That would be awesome, as I wish to actually have a second one for my porch. haha!

  8. I love your Harry Potter Halloween vignette! I also love your entry! Ok I love everything you’ve done! 🙂 I have the same cute numbers #31! Love them!

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