Halloween Tablescape for $10 or Less

titlewebThe moment I saw the challenge to create a table scape for $10 or less on Instagram (hashtag hosted by @handmadefarmhouse and @myhouseof8) #tendollartablscape I KNEW I wanted to be apart of it!  I’m a sucker for a pretty table scape, and I feel like I am at my most creative when I have a tight budget to keep.  I spent a whopping $2 for this Halloween table scape!  Score!  Let me share how I accomplished just that, and some tips of how you can do the same for any future gatherings you may have…


The only items I purchased for this particular table setting were a bag of straw and the black creepy cloth for a dollar each found at the Dollar Store.  I created the little witch brooms using the straw, and a stick found in my yard that I cut into fourths.  Everything else I already had!  Yup, just 2 bucks and 20 minutes later, I had this all laid out waiting for my kids to come home and enjoy it all for dinner.


But what if you don’t have a collection of “whatever” to throw onto the table?  Well, let me give you some tips that have personally helped me set a foundation to accomplish a pretty tablescape on a whim any time my heart so desires:


For starters, if you aren’t using paper plates (my personal favorite for serving large groups) I find it best to keep your dinnerware neutral.  White dishes can go with literally any theme you can come up with!  And frankly, dishes aren’t always cheap, so the easier they coordinate with any of said themes, the better.   I use my white dishes for everything, and I love them.  While mine were an initial splurge for me (these favorite white dishes of mine were purchased from Anthropologie a couple of years ago) The use I have gotten out of them far outweighs what I had paid for them.  But dishes do NOT have to cost an arm and a leg.  I’ve seen some beautiful white sets at Walmart for as low as $35.  And the dollar store also has some nice dinnerware from time to time.

You’ll notice I don’t have any silverware or cups laid out on the table.  I have never invested in pretty cups or silverware.  One day, but I find it easier to slowly build a collection rather than trying to go out and get everything at once.

Neutral napkins are also a great accessory.  And they can be found, or even made on the cheap!

For centerpieces, use what you already have!  It doesn’t need to be a fancy floral arrangement.  I used cake stands I already had to add some height, and Halloween decorations I had around my house.  Yes, some of my vignette’s looked a little bare while this display was on my table, but it didn’t matter since this was only temporary.  No need to go out and buy all new stuff specifically for a one time fancy dinner.  Use what you have, and even repurpose things: for example, Those candlesticks used to be silver, but I made them gold with some Rub N Buff that I had in my crafting stash.  (color in antique gold.  Rub N Buff is a colored wax found by the acrylic paint at Hobby Lobby)


Pictured above is one of the brooms I made from the dollar store straw and backyard stick.  I shared a video on my Instagram Highlights if you’d like to see more in detail how I made them.



Though I purchased this witch hat over a decade ago, looking more closely at it, it’s something that can be a very easy DIY if you have a sewing machine.  The fabric is just painted drop cloth!

5web3web14webMany people grow their own pumpkins, which I hope to do myself one day, but in the meantime, I always make it a point to go and buy these little white Baby Boos for my home decor.  I love them scattered about on the table.


Thanks for stopping by!  I’d love to see YOUR Halloween table scapes for $10 or less!  Share your photos on Instagram tagging #tendollartablescape so we can all add to the inspiration being shared there!  Such a fun hashtag.  Also, If you follow @myhouseof8 and @handmade.farmhouse you may also get your photos featured in their stories!  Happy decorating, friends!

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  1. Holy Halloween!!! You are so incredibly talented and everything you touch turns to magic. Your family are so blessed to have you and we are equally as blessed to be able to share and witness your sweet spirit and magic.

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